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Pinoy 3D Visual Effects – Holographic touch screen monitor
Just playing with 3d studio max, also thanks for the following software I made this very short and simple CG Effects

Boujou 5 – Camera tracking, generate virtual camera based on 2d scene that can export as 3ds max script.

Adobe After Effects CS6 – Precompose, integration of 2d and 3d scene as well as rotoscoping because I don’t have green screen.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 – material, texture, and bump map.

Sony Vegas – I’m not a big fan of Premier coz i’ts complicated so I used Vegas to make my life simple.

And of course, 3d Studio Max 2014. – for 3d rendering including animation and lightening effects.
I have 2015 version but I downgraded to 2014 coz some cool plugin for 3ds doesn’t work in 2015, Autodesk usually release their products one Year in-advance.

I also used Ambient collusion technique in 3ds max multiplied by beauty pass (RGB) to emphasize contrast, and also do final color correction and exposure control in After Effects.

I solved the Depth of Field (DOF) in After Effects than in 3ds Max because it’s way faster to render.

I also used Scanline for rendering the hologram. I used this for fast rendering

Also the technology from science fiction movie such as Iron Man holographic touch screen gave me an inspiration to do this clip.

I hope you like it.


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September 27, 2015 / dadmin